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Stay & Train Program

This is our most popular program! During a two week stay with us, dogs receive multiple daily training sessions. Our consistency and appropriate timing ensure that your dog learns at a fast pace and with no confusion. We teach all the basics and create the ground work, so that when you receive your 4-legged companion back, all you have to do is maintain what your dog already knows. What can take months or maybe years to teach will be taught in weeks through our Stay and Train Program, and we guarantee our training!

Continuing Education and Maintenance of Training

The Stay & Train program is designed not only to benefit your dog, but you as well. We save you the time and hassle of training all the basics and return to you a dog that still has the same personality, but is now complete in composure and reliable in training. After we have taught your dog the proper manners and obedience, we will then instruct you on how to maintain training throughout the lifespan of your dog.

Here is how we help YOU as the owner

- 3 private lessons. We will teach you all the tricks of the trade and exactly how to work with your dog when it returns back home to you.
- 1 year of group classes. We want to encourage you to continue learning and give you an avenue for “refresher” training and also a means to socialize your dog properly.

Multi-Location Training

It takes up to 6-7 locations for them to generalize their training skills. In their second week with us, we take the dogs to pet stores, parks, public shops, etc. This helps us make sure that your dog will behave wherever it goes.

What’s Covered

Your dog will reliably learn all of the below behaviors in 2 weeks with our trainer.

  • Sit (Stay)
  • Down (Stay)
  • Climb (Stay)
  • Heeling On & Off Leash
  • Recalls (coming when called)
Additional Training
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • Behavioral Issues (ie Socialization, Aggression, Submission, Jumping, Barking, etc.)

Questions & Answers

Will my dog listen to me after the training?

YES! This same style program is used to train police, therapy, and service dogs. The professional trainer teaches the service dog all the ground work and things that it needs to know. Then the dog is sent to a specific canine handler to use those skills learned. The new handler is shown how to work with the dog and maintain the training. This is exactly how our program works!
The easy part is training the dog! The most important thing is for you to learn how to train and properly work with your dog. With this package you receive three private lessons. Two while your dog is with us and then one complimentary in home lesson when your dog returns (if you need it). It is very important for you to go home and practice with your dog the skills he/she has learned. If you don’t, your dog will try to go back to acting the way that it did before. We set up these private lessons to make sure that you know what to do with your dog so there are no surprises when you bring your dog back home.

How long is the program?

Two weeks.

Where does my dog board?

Your dog will be trained in our trainer’s home, allowing for consistent 24/7 monitoring and a consistent environment.

What does my dog learn?

All the skills learned will be trained on and off leash!! Obedience: Sit, Down, Come when called, Heeling during walks, Climb/Place Behavioral Issues: Barking, Nipping, Jumping, Socialization for Aggressive or Submissive dogs, etc. Crate Training and Potty Training are also available with this program.

Do you offer refresher training?

Yes! With the Stay and Train you have a years worth of refresher training through group classes. Group classes are held every Saturday and we have different levels to advance through. Inquire for more details.

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