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Obedience Training

Our obedience training classes are not structured like your typical class setting! We have classes running all year long every Saturday. We don’t like 6-8 week courses because if you miss a week, you generally miss out on what was taught and have to play “catch up”. Our class set up allows you to pick a membership that fits you and then you move at your own pace. Our class layout is structured with different levels (description of levels listed below). Everyone starts out in Level 1 Orientation, and then from there it is up to you how fast you progress through the levels.

Obedience training classes only last for 30 minutes. Anything much longer than that, your dogs will just start to tune you out and loose focus. We provide treats during class for your dogs as well as coffee and refreshments for handlers.

Dog Training Classes
Level 1 (Orientation)

6:00pm (every other Thursday)
(No Dogs) Principles of Training, equipment, methods, overview of the class levels. Contact us to get started.

Level 2

12:00pm- 12:30pm (Saturdays)
Walking on a Loose Leash and Sits (with leash on)

Level 3

12:45pm- 1:15pm (Saturdays)
Sit Stays, Downs, Starter Heeling (with leash on)

Level 4

1:30pm- 2:00pm (Saturdays)
Sit and Down Stays with Distraction, Heeling with pace changes and turns, Beginning Halts, Recalls (come when called) and stands (with leash)

Level 5

2:15pm – 2:45pm (Saturdays)
All previous class levels + Sit/Down in motion, Heeling (leash dragging)


  • 3 months: $200
  • 6 months: $350
  • 1 year: $600

*If you purchase a package and do not come to classes we do not refund. Make sure to take advantage of the classes you purchase!

Questions about how Memberships work? Visit our FAQ page.

Special Discounts

  • The Airedale Rescue Group of Raleigh: $100 off membership
  • The TriBeagle Rescue Group: $100 off membership
  • Stay and Train Graduates of K-9 Composure: Free for 2 maintenance sessions a month. Inquire about discount if you want to attend every week.

*Group classes are not the place for dogs with extreme behavioral issues. If your dog is submissive and fearful or aggressive with other dogs and people, this is not the program for you. Any dogs with extreme behavioral issues will be placed into a different K-9 Composure program that is better fit to consult those issues. We want to keep all of our dogs and handlers safe! Group classes are for obedience and training with distractions. If your dog has behavioral issues please look at our Stay and Train or Private Lesson options.

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