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Service Dog Training – Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good CitizenAre you interested in advancing your basic training?
Do you think you have a future dog/service dog?

This is a 6 week prep course to aide you in passing the 10 objectives in the CGC test. There is no entry level training required for this course, but is a great follow up to the Basic Obedience course. The 5th and 6th lessons will be mock testing to prepare you for your certification. We will test those who are ready on the last day of the course.

What is Canine Good Citizen?

The Canine Good Citizen is a certification awarded to dogs with outstanding manners and obedience.
The test consists of:

  • Sitting politely for petting.
  • Allowing basic grooming procedures.
  • Walking on a loose lead.
  • Walking through a crowd.
  • Sitting and lying down on command and staying in place.
  • Coming when called.
  • Reacting appropriately to another dog.
  • Reacting appropriately to distractions.
  • Calmly enduring supervised separation from the owner
  • Accepting a friendly stranger.

Getting Evaluated

We are certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluators! You do not have to do training with us to test. If you are interested having your future service dog or therapy dog test with us, please contact us for an individual session.

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