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Breed: Rottweiler Mix
Age: 3 years
…definitely worth it…We have been very pleased with the results from training! Zuca has learned basic commands and has a bench she likes to “climb” on. The best part of the training is that we don’t have to fight her to go in her crate! At the mention of the word she runs in there and sits down because she loves it. Having Zuca go to K9Composure for the Board and Train program was definitely worth it to have our puppy learn what she needs for all of us to have a happy home.
- Amy and Les

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Breed: Yorkie/Pomeranian
Age: 5 years
Nicole did a wonderful training job with my precious and timid little ankle-biting Yorkie-Pom. He bit a repairman a few weeks ago and I was devastated. Immediately I called Bayleaf they told me to get in touch with Nicole. For the next hour …a happier and more confident pet. Peaceful and much more independent.
Nicole talked me through what she could do to help this dog and the situation. She picked up my dog the following day and did exactly what she promised. My dog barked at everything that came near our home. He would chase after our guests every time they moved about in our house. It was embarrassing to say the least. Previous training had been a total waste of time and money. I was a very frustrated owner of a beautiful little dog that I loved more than life itself. I had no answers.
After two weeks training with Nicole, he is well on his way to being a happier and more confident pet. Peaceful and much more independent. My thanks to Nicole. She is very passionate about her training skills and works hard to do the very best for you and your pet. We not only have a better dog, we have Nicole as a wonderful new friend. Think she will always be there for us and our dog should we need help in the future.
A job well done.

-Sharry Tripp

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Breed: Mix
Age: 1 year
We sought out Nicole to help us train our dog, Rudy, who had been purchased from a shelter. Rudy was a young dog with many issues and though my husband and I had spent much time trying to train him, nothing was working as it had with our other dogs. …a wide range of situations…Nicole’s training, without changing the nature of the dog we loved, helped get Rudy (and us!) under control. I recommend Nicole’s training for a wide range of situations with dogs. Nicole received her training from one of the best schools in the country. You might find less expensive training, but you won’t get better results for the time and money you expend on training your dog with Nicole.

-Scott and Susan

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Jett and Jude

Breed: Border Collie Mix/Lab
Age: 2 years/1 year
Nicole has done wonders with our two dogs! Jude had behavioral problems….jumping, over excited and did not pay attention. …now have two well behaved dogs…Jett had a bad habit of running away from us and had started jumping like Jude… Two weeks of Nicole’s Board and Train and we now have two well behaved dogs and Jett stays right with us! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all she has done for our us, it is a great load off my mind not to have to worry about people being bombarded at the door and to be able to let Jett off leash and run with Jude and not have him run away. Peace of mind is priceless!
-Scott and Susan

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Breed: Border Collie/Jack Russell
Age: 6 months
Nicole and her training techniques have made a world of difference in our dog, Cricket, and in our home life with her. We weren’t expecting to have a puppy stumble into our lives, but that’s exactly what Cricket did as she emerged from a ditch at about six months of age, scared, with no owner or pack around to be found, and with no socialization or training of any kind either. With travel plans calling us away just a week after finding Cricket, we reached out to Nicole to train our wild pup while we were out of town for two weeks. Upon our return we found that we now had a sweet, housebroken, well-trained pup on our hands, and a confident, yet calm one at that! …professionalism, enthusiasm, and skill…Nicole explained the training techniques and tools that she used to us thoroughly so that we could follow up with them once we brought Cricket home. While with Nicole, Cricket learned the following commands: Sit, Down, Let’s Go, Climb, Come, and Off. In fact, she learned them so well that we sometimes forget to reinforce the training at home because she’s so well-behaved. I guess the real testament to Nicole’s training is that each time we reach out to her to help train and care for Cricket, we are greeted with professionalism, enthusiasm, and skill… and Cricket loves to see her! Soon, we’ll try some Agility…

-Jane Thomas, Raleigh

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Buddy and Blue

Breed: Pointer/Retriever Mixes
Age: 6 months
Buddy and Blue are Pointer/Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix puppies we adopted at 8 weeks from Harmony Rescue. Since each child fell in love with a puppy, we decided to adopt two. We would not recommend this for the faint hearted! We knew we needed some help, even though we considered ourselves pretty the vet tech at our veterinarian’s office was so impressed… she called me personally for Nicole’s number. adept dog owners, having rained and trained our therapy dog on our own. A friend recommended Nicole Dodson to us. We opted for the two week training when they were about five months old. We feel that for our quality of life and the quality of life of our dogs, we did the right thing. We now have well behaved, respectful puppies we can take anywhere.
Nicole is gentle, confident and extremely knowledgeable in dog training. She was undeterred by any of the problems we presented and always responded with “I can fix that”. We came to believe that with dogs, there is not much she cannot handle. Her integrated training with my children was a great life lesson. They now know how to be the ‘leader of the pack’ and our boys are much happier and more living knowing they have strong leaders in them.
The proof is really in the results: the vet tech at our veterinarian’s office was so impressed with their good behavior that she called me personally for Nicole’s number. We also recently took the puppies to a gathering (at my place of employment) where there were many disabled clients. The boys were a little shy at first, but quickly grew more confident with people who are a bit different than they are used to. They allowed themselves to be petted and showed respectful interest with the clients who were more timid. Future therapy dogs! Our family would recommend Nicole and be happy to answer any questions regarding our experiences with her.
-The Burks

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Breed: Great Dane
Age: 9 months
I first met Nicole at a city dog walk where hundreds of pet owners and their canines were raising money for a dog park. I noticed from a distance that she didn’t have her dog on a leash amongst all other dogs. I was literally awestruck at the composure and obedience that her dog had. Everywhere she went, the dog never took its eyes off of her. So here I was, with a giant Great Dane (Achilles) that had a number of social anxiety issues and was extremely disobedient. Having experienced a number of issues at the …radically transformed within a few days. apartment complex I was living at, mainly with other dogs in the elevator at the same time, I knew that I had to do something. I had no idea what to expect and I was somewhat skeptical if she could break him of his bad habits. We agreed that the puppy bootcamp would be the best method, as I had to work long hours. When I dropped Achilles off with her, she explained the entire process as well as noted some behaviors with Achilles that I was oblivious to. Half way through the boot camp, I was able to stop by and see his progress. Again, I was awestruck. She had me stay in the car while she demonstrated what he had learned. He was a completely new dog, radically transformed within a few days. I can honestly say that Nicole helped me to be able to control Achilles and she also helped him find himself. Before, he was lost and had a lot of anxiety but now he is confident but yet obedient. Having a massive dog poses a liability, especially on walks and in close quarters. There have been numerous occasions where the training that she did with him has prevented an altercation with another dog. People constantly compliment me on his behavior and how obedient he is and I owe it to Nicole. I knew from watching her with her own dogs that she had a passion for training and it is evident in Achilles. Such a blessing to have worked with Nicole and K9 Composure, one that I get to experience every day with Achilles!

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Breed: Doberman
Age: 3 years
In February of 2010 I purchased an eight week old Doberman. Shortly after having the puppy at home I decided that I wanted to have him trained so I would be able to control him off leash in the city. I asked around ad was recommended to K9 Composure owned and operated by Nicole Dodson. I contacted Nicole and set up a meeting with her to discuss the type of training I was interested in. Nicole discussed the different training styles that she was certified to teach. .Nicole trained my puppy in German, which I requested. I decided to do the basic obedience with my young puppy who was at the time 12 weeks old. Before training, my puppy would not walk on a loose leash, he would not lie down without holding a treat on the ground and he would not come when called. After two weeks of training with Nicole my puppy would sit, lie down, walk on a loose leash, and stay on an elevated bench until released. While the puppy was in the sit and down position he did not move until he was released. Nicole trained my puppy in German, which I requested. Nicole was very knowledge and very responsible. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone that has a dog that they wish to be trained or that has a behavior problem they wish to correct. Nicole also takes the extra time to make sure the owner also knows how to train the dog and keep up with the training. Once again, Nicole is highly recommended

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