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Nicole Dodson

Owner and Head Trainer

Nicole grew up on 250 acres of farm land in Virginia. As a child she took care of the animals and knew early on, that one day, she would own a business doing this. From a young age she started volunteering at shelters and animal hospitals to get some hands on experience in the business world as well as with other entrepreneurs. She started college to pursue a Biology/Pre Med Degree with a future goal of having her own Veterinary Practice. At this time she was also working at an animal clinic as a vet tech, kennel director, and head of the daycare program. It was after 2 years at the clinic she decided it was time to change directions. So she changed her path to training dogs after realizing how much of a need people had for it.

Only wanting the best training to provide the most elite services, Nicole chose to enroll in the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. While knowing just enough training for basic commands, the school taught her much of what she knows and implements in her training today. In the Professionals class of January 2009 she learned Puppy Imprinting, Basic to Advanced Obedience in AKC and Schutzhund show styles, Narcotics, Tracking, Protection, Trained Retrieves, Agility, Trick Training, and Behavioral Modification for submissive and aggressive dogs. She graduated top of her class and moved back to Virginia to start her own business as a Professional Dog Trainer.

Nicole ran a very successful business in the Lynchburg, VA area where she trained over hundreds of dogs. Her main focus was on aggressive dogs and dogs that most of her competition did not want to work with. Being able to help those kinds of dogs is Nicole’s passion. She says “Seeing the owners leave with tears of happiness is a great reward. Especially knowing that I was that dogs last hope.” After 2 years in the beautiful mountain countryside of Virginia she saw that her business would soon outgrow the small town she was living in. So she set her sights on a bigger city and a larger vision for her company in Raleigh. While Nicole has worked amongst some of the best trainers and partnered with very knowledgeable businesses across the states, she admits that the dogs have been her best teacher over the past few years. She realizes that every dog has its own personality, and that both parties (dog and owner), must learn how to properly communicate with each other. Nicole frequents AKC agility and obedience shows as well as seminars to keep her knowledge up to date in the training realm. She says “As a company we don’t want to get stuck using the same method, if there are more effective methods out there we want to take advantage of them!” Nicole is excited to be working in the Raleigh area and helping its canine counterparts learn how to find their composure through proper timing, consistency, and motivation.

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