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About our Training

K9 Composure - About UsWe believe that there is no cookie cutter approach to training. Each dog has its own individual needs as well as a unique personality. We want to help you find a training method that is specific to your dog and a program that incorporates what you would like him/her to accomplish in training. Understanding your dog’s issues and the frustrations that come along with them is what we are here for. We guarantee that only will you receive a dog with good composure, but you yourself will come away with the knowledge and understanding on how to properly communicate to your dog. After all, our dogs are looking for us to lead them!

Our training is based on a balance of three different elements: Timing, Consistency and Motivation.


Timing is how your dog’s brain processes cause and effect. It is scientifically proven you only have 1.3 seconds to influence your dog’s behavior. This means that we are always teaching our dogs, even if we don’t realize it!

For example...


Consistency means reacting to your dog’s behaviors (good or bad) the same way every time. For good actions there must be a positive reward, for bad actions there must be negative stimulus. The more consistent you are with your training the faster your dog will learn.

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Motivation is how you influence your dog’s behavior. This is where we as the professionals come in. We don’t expect you to know how much is too much and what is not enough for your dog. With years of experience we are able to find what motivates your dog best and incorporate that into a personalized training for them.

For example...


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